Enough is Enough! Now is the time that we continue building the movement to Demand Democracy right here in New York State. We call on Governor Cuomo, the New York State Senate and Assembly to overhaul our elections systems, reinvigorate our democracy, and give power to the PEOPLE.

Publicly Funded Elections

Match small contributions with public dollars to elevate the voice of everyday New Yorkers.

Real Campaign Finance Reform

Close loopholes. Lower contribution limits. Overturn Citizens United.

Modern Voting Process

Automatic registration. Online access. Flexible voting opportunities.

Expand & Protect Voting Rights

Investigate purging of voter rolls. Train, support and oversee boards of elections. Voting rights for 40,000 New Yorkers on parole.

Serious Ethics Reform

No to pensions for convicted officials. No to personal use of campaign funds. No to secret outside income. Politicians work for all the people.

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